Forgiveness (Let it Go)

It Amazes me where and what God will use to inspire a blog. I try to not watch all that much TV. One of the few shows I watch is Arrow. The start of this season had a high impact segment. The mother in the show was sent to prison for a part in killing several hundred individuals. Her daughter did the only thing she knew that would hurt her mom. She rejected her for her crimes. Upon facing death she realized she did not want her mom to live with the belief that her daughter hated her. She realized that no mater how much money a wealthy woman has a psychopath can still scare a woman into compliance.

Les make it real. My ex-wife had somethings happen to her as a child that was not the greatest. By no means were they really bad either. She was not beaten she was not sexually assaulted. But there were things that should have been done that would have made things better. Like keeping her out of Dad’s work place considering he worked in a place that had no ability of tending children. That is not the important part. What is, is that one day I asked her for the millionth time to forgive him. This day was her last chance at peace. She spoke words to me that changed my perspective on life forever.
“I would rather rot in hell than forgive my dad”
Her dad will go to his gave knowing she hates him. She is spreading this hatred to our daughter and son. The hatred is consuming her in everything. It is destroying life after life. If your unforgivable parent is still alive stand and be faithful to Him as He was faithful to you. Forgive that parent no matter how bad the damage was. Tell them you forgive them. It will ruin so many lives if you do not.
I know because I am fighting to save the 3rd generation from being taken. I am losing the battle because of money. Please stand and make piece with you family.


Greek or Hebrew

     An interesting note in the how the bible was originally written in Greek that should bring up red flags. Peter, Paul, Mathew, etc. were men of Jewish decent. They wrote letters and gathered up collections if information toward the creation of the book of Acts. As most of the New Testament was written as letters there are two important factors to consider. The first factor is as stated the authors were Hebrew with a Hebrew mind set. The recipients of those letters were also Hebrew therefore having a Hebrew mindset. This creates an issue to be worked through. The first question to ask is this. Why would a Hebrew decide to write a letter and then write the actual content in Greek knowing that the recipients are also Hebrew. Which means that they are going to have to translate this letter written to them from Greek back to Hebrew.

      Archeological evidence can be found to support Hebrew as the primary language of the day. In 1963-65 Professor Yigael Yadin uncovered a strong hold in or near Massada overlooking the Dead Sea. It appears to have been owned by King Herod. Found in the stronghold was over 4000 coins, 14 scripts, and 700 ostraka. Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and Latin languages were found on these items. However Hebrew was found 9 times for every 1 of the other 3 languages.

     An interesting account in the bible can be found of Yeshua being questioned about taxation. At the time Greece was heavy into taxation of the surrounding nations. However the interesting response of Yeshua is profound. Mat 22:17-21 give to Caesar what is his. It is noted that the image printed onto the coin was that of Caesar. Yet there were Hebrew coins in use at that time and they had inscriptions that were significant to the Hebrew nation. There is implication here that the taxation of the Hebrews was toward the monies that were from Greece. The Tax collectors did not appear to be seeking Hebrew money.

      Another interesting fact is that the though the letters that would become the New Testament were translated into Greek very quickly they contained special phrases that would later be labeled Hebraisms. These quotes merit examination because in all of the ancient translations these little sayings were kept. And yet this sayings appear to make absolutely no sense in any language. With one Exception, in the Hebrew language from the Hebrew mindset these Hebraisms become clear.

      The most important factor that should close this subject is this. Grecians were pagans. Most of all they did reflect that belief system. Archeology shows to this day that ancient Grecians were predominantly pagan is their worship system.

1 Corinthians 12:1-2, 1 Corinthians 10:19-21, Matthew 6:31-33, Matthew 6:6-8

      In each of these scriptures it is noted that Paganism is not something followers of Yeshua Hamashiach should be participating in. Strong warnings are found in these verses as well as many others. This brings implication that pagans were an unclean oriented peoples. For Jewish people to embrace Pagan writing and send it to each other is almost as unthinkable as a Jewish man or woman eating of swine in those days. This was just not going to happen. This inclines that those biblical writings found in archeology were first translations for the outreach to the pagans after Peter’s vision in which he felt called to go out from the Hebrew nations toward those that had been considered unclean in the past. Mathew 10:28 reveals that Peters own interpretation of his vision was a release to go forth and preach.





The 10th Promise

The 10th Promise

1. Yeshua is the foundation I walk upon, granting me sure footedness that I can cary you.
2. When ever you need me I will be there for you.
3.I will always believe in you.
4. I will place your needs above my own.
5. I will do all that I can to take care of your needs.
6. I will always pray for you, praying for your protection.
7. You will always be the most beautiful woman in my eyes.
8. No person in my life will be placed over you.
9. I will always see you as a special gift from YHVH
10. I will never ever abandon you.

In all I will always love you just as He has lead me to.


Two ears and one mouth. My mother used to say that meant I was to do twice as much listening as talking. At the time I was angry at her for saying that because she was basically saying shut up and listen to me. But today I learned something and how it really pertains to those who want to be better christians. Have you ever had someone vent to you about something that was really going wrong in there life. And things are really falling apart for them. You will hear things like “I feel so alone” “I am unwanted” “I am a mess” “I am broken” There is a huge list of “I” that will come from this person who is really hurting. Here is my exhortation to you to give the friend what they need rather than what you think they need. Remember this Someone who is deeply hurting is most talking about hurt and frustration at how much of a failure they feel that they are at that moment. That does not mean that they are deeply questioning there faith. It does not mean that they overly doubt YHVH promise. It does not mean that they don’t know just as much scripture as you do about what should be going on in their mind. All it means is that they are having a moment of absolute pain.

So what do you do for a friend who is saying things that really don’t make sense for a christian to say? First use some common sense. Do you know this friend well enough to be able to say that they have a severe issue of biblical ignorance. If a person is truly a new christian who is hurting and you know they really don’t know much about the bible true enough give it to them. But there are two other types of people to consider. The first one is maybe you don’t know the person well enough to know how deeply they are in the bible. If that is the case you have an option or two. You can assume there are a fool and start quoting scripture that is relevant to the situation. But here is the problem. If you assume that they are biblically ignorant and you are wrong this person is going to feel that you just barfed bible on them. Yes scripture is always a good thing except when it not what is needed at that moment.

The next person is someone you know who is very steeped in the bible but at that moment they don’t really sound like it. Again you can barf bible on them. But remember to them it still being barfed on. As you hear what this person is saying you think of all these scriptures that they seemingly don’t know about. Here is the problem. They, two days ago already went through the entire bible to find the solution to their problem. And they may have found a few answers that they are in the process of working out. But they are still hurting.

This is the main question you need to ask yourself. Do you care about the situation they are in and can you handle it. If the answer is no be honest with this person and let them know you are not up for dealing with the problem. Don’t half listen and fidget with your watch trying to escape. Just let this person know you are not able to deal with a situation of this magnitude. Tell them you are sorry, and you will pray that someone will come who is better equipped to face off with a situation like this. Next take some action. Try and find someone who can help them. When you do find that someone call your friend back and say “listen friend I know that I couldn’t be what you needed me to be today. So I went through my list of contacts and I found someone who I think can do a better job of listening to you than I could. Can I give them your number?” If you do that your friend will not think low of you. He will think this. My friend realized his/her short coming and yet still cared enough to take action and try and find someone who can deal with my pain. They will be happy to have a friend that cares enough to be honest and helpful in the way that is best for them.

But maybe you are the person who cares and can deal with this painful situation that is being faced. If you don’t know the person give the benefit of the doubt that they are a stronger christian than you and listen. You will find at some point they will give you a “tell”. They will reveal if they are a solid christian who needed someone to just plain shut up and listen or if they are a new christian who really could use Biblical quotes. Remember if they have not bludgeoned themselves over the head with those verses you want to share it is NOT barfing on them. They need it because they simply don’t know. Then there is the person who is full of biblical wisdom but doesn’t sound like it. They a have been bashing there head in with the bible quotes reverberating through there brain. But they still hurt. In that moment Pray for the Holy Spirit to take over. Request HIM to bind your mouth shut unless it is HE who is speaking. Inform HIM that you are going to do the same. You are going to BIND your mouth shut. So if HE wants to use your lips to quote a scripture that your friend just happened to have missed HE had better open your mouth with out you. This means if you speak it’s all Holy Spirit and NO barf. But if HE does not open your mouth at HIS command. Then you just sit and listen and offer what ever comfort you can. Ask your friend if you can hug them. Or just do it. But focus everything you can on what they need. Not what you think they need. Be of service to your friend. Maybe what they need is some escape time. Offer to take them to a mini golf place, or just out for a walk. My self if the situation seem to fit I would ask. “When is the last time you got to step outside of this hurt?” “Will you let me do that for you” “I will take you out for a cup of coffee or whatever” ” I just want to be the friend who is either listening because that is what you need, or the friend who helps a little with what ever I can do.”

Remember “I” doesn’t always displace YHVH. Sometimes it just means “Won’t someone LISTEN TO ME”



A puzzling thought came to mind in the form of a prayer that as it fell from my mouth I began to wonder how deep it really goes. When those people whom HE calls HIS children feel at there lowest, and HE places those people with someone who goes out of their way to make them feel lower than dirt emotionally yet unintentionally, is it for the sake of revealing HIS goodness to them that they might see it. Maybe without the horrible contrast of the situation this broken heart can’t see the blessings due to the agony that they feel.

I dare not go into detail because I don’t want this to become an attack on anyone. That is not the point. But rather maybe some trial that you the reader are facing makes you feel like dirt. Try and look to HIM through the glassy tears in your eyes and look to HIM for the comfort that you wish would come. I know that as for me I desire something greatly and HE continues to say no. For what reason I am not sure. But the brokenness that comes with it is deep. And to be placed where someone thinks extremely low of you and says so regularly is a deep struggle. Finding reason is not easy. Sometimes we need to pick our heads up and look to HIM despite the pain of the unknown.

My unknown is my fear of loneliness. And I wonder if that is what keeps me away from my greatest of hearts desire. (blog “for my beloved”)I want to be loved so bad I would give anything for it just about. I have realized that it is important to hold this love until it can be given to someone who can see it for what it is. But that is hard. I tried to give it to those who did not know what it was. Since they didn’t know what this love that I have to offer was. They treated it like it was nothing special. Alot of guys say they love me seems to be the attitude. They have no clue that a man who wants to be a godly,man husband and dad is very rare. They have no idea what a man like this will do for them. So it leaves this man giving something of extreme value to someone who thinks very little of this most precious love. I guess what I want the reader to know is this. When the darkness of isolation sets in and fear is at its worst maybe that is when YHVH can reveal HIS light to you the clearest.

In closing I want to pray for someone who is special to me though I have never met her, never talked to her never chatted with her at all. I just watch her facebook and twitter accounts and the profoundness of the things she says amazes me. And I remember her saying something about be hurt by someone who should have loved her. My heart went out to her right away.

My YHVH I pray for Emma Kimberly, I pray that you will continue to grant her the peace in you that she knows so well. I pray that you would sometime grant her the desires of her heart. Father I pray that you would give her a husband that with her would create a relationship that reveals your true nature and love of relationships. I pray that Emma would be granted that gift that would reach the world and show the wisdom that a solid family is truly a gift from YOU and should not be taken lightly. I pray that you would touch her in the deepest of ways and continue to draw her ever closer to you. In the name of Yeshua Ha-mashiach Amen.

If it’s Missing

If it’s Missing
I am going to share something that was revealed to me today. It is something that has colored my entire life and I had no idea what it had done until today. I am not posting this as a poor me nore do I wish to attack those who did not realise that I needed this as much as I did. I want to share this with you today because many who read this may have children. And those children deserve better than failure. So do the spouses, both men and women.

What I am talking about is something that all people need whether adult or children makes no difference it is needed. Men especially need it from their wives or girl friends. Wives or girl friends need it from their man. In the case of children you will set the pace for the rest of there life based on this. Either they will have to overcome your failure or will succeed because of you lifting them to highest reaches of success. As a man I have found that I crave this more than you can imagine. I plead with YHVH to grant me a beloved wife.who is willing to do this small thing that all humanity needs on a daily basis.

This much needed thing is exhortation. That is to build up your children and or spouse.It is so easy to neglect it. Men are trained from day one to ignore the need. They are trained to do so not just from family but also from work environment. Men are never told when they are doing things right on the job. However the boss is quick to scream when things are not right. Personally every boss who is quick criticize and slow to exhort deserves to be fired and never work again. But that is not how it is going to be so wives exhort your husbands because their boss won’t. Let them know that you believe in them. Even if they have just made a blunder that causes problems give them the benefit of the doubt. And let them know that just because they have revealed their humanity does not mean they are not still worth believing in. Tell him you are proud of him.

(If you don’t beleive in your husband at all this is a deep issue please face it prayerfully and quickly)

A gal who trains people on how to succeed in home base business has this to say. YHVH told her that despite her success and her husbands lack of success she needed to treat him like he was the king of the house. She offered upon his success she would be happy to. YHVH told her that his success was based on her belief in him and treating him like he was already a huge success in her eyes. She did so in faith. Now he is a huge success and her business is even bigger than before because of his talents and abilities moving into her business and taking it places she never could have. Great people skills mixed with great add campaigns equals great paychecks in a home base business.

Husbands you need to do the same. I don’t have a lot of in site here because I am not a woman but I am going to tell you what a few woman have told me. Let her know daily how beautiful she is to you. Make it a rule that daily you are going to let her know that you love her and you think she is beautiful.

(Husbands if you dont find your wife beautiful to you please face this in prayer and quickly.)

I am One

Prayer An Abomination?

Prayer An Abomination?

Not many things are labeled as an abomination. Homosexuality is one of the few. Murder is not an abomination. In the last weeks I have been asking why prayer is answered so little in America today. The answer of coarse was found in scripture.

Proverbs 28
9He who turns away his ear from hearing the Torah, Even his prayer is an abomination.

I realized just how much of my life still yet was based on “I will be forgiven” rather than me chasing obedience in love. My own prayer became an abomination in my own eyes. People care so little about obeying the bible it is as if this scripture didn’t even exist.

Mat 5
17 do not think that i came to destroy the torah or the prophets. i did not come to destroy but to complete. 18“for truly, i say to you, till the heaven and the earth pass away, one jot or one tittle shall by no means pass from the torah till all be done.

There is no part of the bible greater than were Peter was given his vision. Which shows where christianity of today has turned away from the Torah by what we have done with the changes we have made to Acts 10. Acts 10 is well known as the part of the bible where Peter had his vision that we as christians have used to declare unclean animals as clean. It is my humble thoughts on this subject that Peter was the greatest judge of what this vision meant. Not me Not the pastor of a church but Peter Himself. That being said how did Peter interpret his own vision? The answer is found in Act 10:28

Acts 10
28And he said to them, “You know that a Yehuḏite man is not allowed to associate with, or go to one of another race. But Elohim has shown me that I should not call any man common or unclean.

Now here is the interesting thing about the bible. Eating of pig IS called an abomination Isaiah 66:17. The whole chapter of 66 has much to say about eating pig. It talks about how YHVH is angry with pig eaters. As I listened to this passage in Isaiah I realized that much of it is prophetic. It is talking about future events. Some of Isaiah talks about future events that have come to pass. But this was not talking about things that have been proven to have happened but rather it is talking about things that have not yet happened even today.
This really caught my attention because it asks this question. Is YHVH stupid? The answer of coarse is NO. Isaiah spoke what he was told about the events that have not happened. YHVH knew what He was going to tell Peter and how Peter would interpret it. You see YHVH is outside of time therefor He can see the beginning from the end. Meaning if He had told Peter go ahead eat pig, he would NOT have pronounced his anger through Isaiah in the old testament for something that has not happened yet in 2012. Please read these verses in prayer for understanding for yourself. I have left them out so that you will.

I think our focus needs to be on following His rules out of love with a desire for His blessings over us rather than to change the bible to mean things that are more comfortable to us. I personally would rather obey in error of something that was changed but I did not understand it than to error in disobedience for something that was NOT changed when I believed that it was. I feel that YHVH would honor misguided obedience more than ignorant disobedience. I want my prayer to be an abomination no more.

I am one.